Happy Father’s Day!

Cindy and Jason graduation

Last week I walked into the storage closet, picked up a file and opened it up to find Jason’s graduation speech from our chiropractic school in Iowa.  I read it and then stood there for a few moments reflecting on our graduation day 11 years ago, his speech and its significance at this point in our lives.  It gave me goose bumps in a way that you get when you are experiencing something awesome.  I felt proud to be married to this wonderful man.  I walked out teary-eyed still thinking about how much has changed for us in the last 11 years.  My beautiful boys were in the room hanging out and just loving being around their dad.  It was as though I was quickly taken from our moment of graduation to our present life, all in a flash.  In that moment I was so grateful for the kind and loving man I married who could not be a better dad and role model for our boys.  Below is the last paragraph of his speech.  I am sharing it with you today as it is timely with Father’s day tomorrow.  It is also impactful to all of us as we go about our busy lives:

“One last thought to leave you with- it comes from a Stephen Covey book so it is not my idea, but it really hit home.  ‘Begin with the end in mind.  When that day comes, what do you want people to say about you?’  We will be starting from scratch.  Tomorrow is the first day of our professional lives.  My dad practiced optometry for over 30 years.  Five months ago he passed away leaving a legacy behind in both his personal and professional lives.  People wrote letters saying that they looked forward to their appointments, that he was a man of integrity, and that it was obvious that he loved what he did.  People said he made them feel welcome and comfortable the minute he walked in the room.  I’m not saying this for you to feel sorry for me.  I in fact am privileged to have had such a positive role model.  We can all learn this, that who we are and what we do can and will affect people for the rest of their lives.  What do you want your patients to say about you?”

Although this was written specifically for us as chiropractors, it is applicable to everyone.  Are we living the joyful life we set out to?  When we are in the flow and have passion for what we do, we are contributing to those around us.  Those are the moments  when we are thriving.  Wishing you many of those moments along your journey.

With much love and gratitude,


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