Are we genetically programmed to be healthy or sick?  In our Wellness Certification Course with Drs. James Chestnut and Rick Baxter, we go over the astonishing rates of sickness that have crippled our society over the last century.  It is difficult to argue the fact that diabetes, obesity, heart disease and cancer along with many other diseases are on the rise.  Many will argue that we have better methods of detection these days, which is certainly true but let’s take obesity for instance.  Has its incidence increased or decreased over the last century?  Click on the following graph and watch what happens in the US over time, this blew my mind.

What methods of detection are required to measure obesity?  That’s right, a measuring tape and a scale, and a set of eyes to examine what has happened to our society.  Have our genes changed this much over the last few generations?  No.  What has changed?  Our lifestyle has changed, and drastically.  Through the Wellness Certification process we thoroughly examine how our ancestors from the hunter-gatherer days lived.  We study what our genes require in order to express health vs. dis-ease (not a misspelled word but dis-ease is the lack of ease created in the cells of our body when it’s adapting to a stressor.  A state of disease is when the dis-ease manifests into something in the body that has become more chronic).

The lifestyle factors that we are taking into consideration with the most amount of input to our genes are how we Eat, Move, and Think.

We will provide you with information on each of these areas to allow you to make improved lifestyle choices that will then translate into more vibrant health for you and your family.

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