Getting the kids involved- juicing with their daddy



One of the biggest challenges as a parent once we know what types of food are healthy for us is getting our kids to eat them as well.

  • The number one thing in our house is getting them involved in the food preparation.  Whether it’s getting them to take something out of the refrigerator or the pantry, cracking an egg, stirring, pushing buttons on the machines.  Do what you can to get them involved in the process and this will yield big dividends.
  • I bought our boys some plastic knives used to cut up lettuce.  I often have them chop up some veggies before a meal.  As soon as they get involved in the chopping process and they are hungry for their meal, they usually ask if they can have some of the food they are chopping.  This is perfect, mission accomplished. My rule with them is unlimited veggies any time of day.  They still ask permission but I always say yes because the more vegetables they eat, the less hungry they are for less nutrient dense foods.

The following are a few videos Jason did while I was away doing errands, he certainly got them all involved and they were loving it…so cute!

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