Better Movement

When we consider how our ancestors (hunter-gatherers) lived compared to how we live today, there are some considerable changes.  We move far less than they did.  Most of us spend our days waking up, driving to work, sitting at a desk all day, eating at our desk (in about 50% of cases), sitting again before we get up and reverse the routine to sit in our car to go home.  We then sit and eat in front of a television and wonder why we are exhausted by the end of the day.  In order for there to be homeostasis and normal physiology in the body, movement is required.  Sitting is to the spine the equivalent of what sugar is to teeth, that’s not good!  Movement throughout the body, AND in the spine in particular is an essential nutrient for the brain.  I am a chiropractor and have the privilege of working with many people whose spines have been damaged by injuries, microtraumas, and postural stress which then result in lack of proper movement.  This lack of movement globally in the body and from the spinal structures changes the input into the brain. Research is now showing how the brain then becomes deficient in its essential nutrient of movement.  This is why we feel so much better and can think so much more clearly when we move more throughout the day and exercise, even after just a brisk walk.

Have you moved your body enough today?  In keeping with our theme of sufficiency vs deficiency, are your cells sufficient or deficient in movement?  Furthermore, very few people can recognize the signs of lack of proper movement in the spine.  In many cases, their first sign can be degenerative joint changes on x-ray.  In order for those changes to be visible to health practitioners on x-ray, the lack of proper movement would have to have been there for years.  How long do you want to go without proper alignment and motion of your spine if you know movement is an essential nutrient to the brain?