Birthday party fancy food

We have the greatest neighbours and today they had a birthday party for their little boy.  Typically at birthday parties for kids, there are tons of snacks but not always a lot of healthy options available.  One thing I know is that the more healthy options we give them, the more people at least have a choice to eat well vs sugary and processed foods.  Check out the healthy trays she made for snacks.  Pair these with hummus or guacomole and there is plenty for everyone to enjoy!


Top tray-  Blueberries for the face, the smile is made with blackberries, eyes are mushrooms and 2 blueberries as eyeballs.

Middle tray-  Brocoli for the face, blueberries for the mouth, shredded carrots make up the hair and mushrooms and blueberris for the eyes and eyeballs.

Bottom tray-  Lots of mini tomatoes for the face, blueberries for the mouth, mushroom eyes and blueberry eyeballs, and carrots as the nose.

There were lots of happy kids and a beautiful table of great food.  There was a bowl of date rolls, which I will soon be posting a recipe for.  There was a bowl of berries, a bowl of almonds, some salsa to go along with the corn chips.  The wraps were filled with delicious egg salad or chicken salad with cumin and raisins.  People could choose between the wheat wraps or the salad wraps, I chose the latter and they were spectacular.  I will be posting recipes shortly for the chicken salad and egg salad fillings for the wraps.

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