Planning healthy meals for your vibrant family


Being the main cook (and Cindy being the main baker) I thought it may be helpful to send along some of the meals we ate in the last week or so.  Some may not have recipes but the intent here is to offer some guidance on how to create a week of healthy eating.  Here are some of our ideas from last week’s meals:

  1. One of our strategies typically involves pre-planning a meal or 2 a few days in advance.  When we buy our healthy protein we tend to buy a decent amount and some good variety (grass fed beef stew, roasts, and ground beef, free range organic whole chicken, thighs and ground turkey).   We buy a lot of these frozen and therefore need to think a few days ahead to decide what we will thaw.  We then choose our meals and veggies around the meats we have thawing.
  2. We plan for bigger meals to last 2 days.  Some good examples of 2 day meals are a beef stew, turkey or beef chili,  beef roast, and a whole roasted chicken.   We occasionally freeze bigger meals as a one meal portion so we can enjoy them later rather than get bored of eating the same thing several days in a row.  For example, on Saturday night we enjoyed turkey that we thawed from Christmas and steamed some brocoli to go with it and it was easy and great.  The seasoning we typically use for brocoli is butter/ghee, Bragg’s and onion powder.  On a side note, we found some organic brocoli at Costco last week.
  3. We have found some Indian spice mixes and bottled products that do not seem to have any preservatives or things we cannot pronounce so we have tried a few with the chicken thighs that we get and it has turned out great.  Peas and cauliflower are a nice compliment to Indian dishes.  butter chicken
  4. We will also use a Greek style recipe for chicken thighs or whole roasted chicken which is super easy–lemon zest, lemon juice, olive oil, garlic, salt, pepper and oregano.
  5. For breakfasts this week we did eggs once or twice, coconut flour blueberry pancakes, and oatmeal (not Paleo but my kids love it).  We almost always have a green smoothie which consists of water or unsweetened almond/coconut milk, Greens First (a great tasting greens product we have at the clinic) and sometimes a little whey protein powder.  We also have been putting spinach or kale into a vitamix smoothie with blueberries and vanilla whey and the kids love that as well.  The last time I was at Costco I tried an unflavored whey protein that has no artificial sweeteners and is made from cows without the use of antibiotics or growth hormone. Davidsmoothieface
  6. David takes a lunch every day and most of the days it is a small serving of our previous night’s dinner in a thermos with a piece of fruit and some veggies.
  7. We also ate out a few times in the last week or so.  When eating out, we just substitute bread or rice for more vegetables or extra salad.  This may not seem appealing at first but when your meal arrives full of fresh goodness, it will taste better and help you feel better too!  We were at Pete’s Frootique yesterday and Cindy had a 3 egg omelete with a side of brocoli instead of toast, I had a salad with chicken and the boys had some sushi (and some of my salad).  We were also at a Greek restaurant last week and I ordered a 1/2 chicken for the boys to share, haddock for me (no breading) and Cindy had a greek salad with chicken.  Delicious and easy!  We certainly hope this is helpful…

greek saladomelette

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