My 4 minute workout

IMG_0720As a busy mom of 3 young boys, chiropractor, and co-owner of our practice with my husband, some days can get a little hectic.

Health (as those who know me well already know) is my highest value.  We tend to always make room for things that are highest on our values, no matter how busy we are.  I believe people can perform the best in their lives when they feel their best.  Since exercise and proper movement of the body is an essential nutrient for the brain, I make an effort to incorporate some type of exercise into my daily routine.  I try to teach my clients, especially moms, that it is not selfish to take the time to do this.  We must begin to replace the word ‘selfish’ (which has a negative connotation) with ‘self-care’ (sounds a lot more positive).  Everyone around me benefits when I am in a better mood.  On days when I feel tired, lethargic, and short-tempered with my kids, I can totally reverse that 100% of the time with exercise.  The most difficult thing about exercise is getting started.  Some days are much harder than others.

IMG_0719IMG_0724Last year my husband was reading a book called ‘The 4 Hour Body’.  One of the concepts he learned was a different type of exercise training I had never heard about called Tabata Training.  He decided to put it to the test to train for a 10km road race.  My husband is a great athlete but running has never been his thing.  I rarely ever saw him training for the race and yet he surprised us both when he finished the race much more quickly and feeling much better than he thought he could. IMG_0725

I decided to give this training a try myself because I too am looking for the most effective type of training in the shortest amount of time. I have just completed my second 10 km road race this year and I must say am thoroughly surprised at how good my body felt with what seemed like a very small time investment.  I typically run 2-3 times/week mostly on my treadmill doing 4 minute workouts which consist of 8 x 20sec sprints with 10sec rests between each sprint.  This workout is a total of 4 minutes.  I usually do a 5 minute warm-up when I run as well to get my body ready for the sprints.  If you’re interested you can click on Tabata Training and learn a lot about the different types of workouts you can do in a shorter amount of time but at a higher intensity.IMG_0727

In my mind telling myself to get out the door for a 4-10 minute workout is far easier than preparing my mind or carving out the time for a longer workout.IMG_0731

The point I am most trying to get across is that sometimes we put off working out because we think it takes too much time or we need the perfect spot to do it.  More than anything we just need to get out there and move and if it’s a brisk walk, fantastic!  Today, I needed to get out and for 10 minutes I went behind my house and did some hill sprints.  When I got to the top I did some push-ups on a little bridge off the path.  The kids often come with me and watch the baby in the stroller as I’m doing my little intervals.  Sometimes they join me but the important thing is that I am teaching them how much healthier and stronger I feel when I carve out time to take care of my body, self-care is key!!!  IMG_0736