Oil of Oregano (part of our ‘wellness cabinet’)

This is a product we have on hand at our house year round. We use it particularly as our family’s natural anti-viral, antibiotic and anti-fungal. You can take a few drops in water throughout the day until your scratchy throat or cold symptoms dissipate. You can also apply it to your child’s feet to help their body absorb it for the same benefits. We always pack it when we go away on trips as well. Can be found at most health food stores and at Nova Spinal Care.
oil of oregano

Planetbox lunch box


It makes me happy to know I only have one more day in this school year to send my kids away with their lunch box. I think I’m speaking for most households when I say it often gets a little hectic trying to get everything ready in the morning so the kids can get off to school on time and have a healthy lunch too.  In addition to that we are often getting ourselves ready for work and the list of things to do in the morning goes on.  I can honestly say these Planetbox lunches have made it easier to prepare the lunches with no added containers and just a few separate compartments to neatly place all the food.

Now is a good time of year to look into it as they are always busier of course in the fall.  That way you can use the lunch boxes for summer picnics too.  Hope this helps, I really enjoy this product!

Where to buy healthy meat in Halifax

Cows grazing in field

When we consider how our ancestors lived (thousands of years ago), they consumed healthy meats from healthy animals.  Today, most of the meats we eat come from animals raised on farms vs animals grazing about in their natural environment.  They are often fed food like grains and corn to fatten them up.  Some are also given antibiotics and other drugs to fight off infections they may have in their crowded environment.  We want to try to eat foods that come from the healthiest animals.  When we eat beef, we want to have grass-fed beef since this is the type of food these animlas would be eating in the wild.  We want the beef, chicken, and all the animal meats we eat to be free from antibiotics and other drugs.  When animals are eating the food they are genetically designed to eat and moving around to get healthier strong bones, their meat will often be more alkaline than the other types of processed meats.  These are the places in Halifax (HRM) that offer some healthy meats:

Some of the bigger grocery stores are now starting to offer locally produced healthy meats since there is now a greater demand for these high quality meats.

Look for healthier meat in your area and do your best to support your local farmers!