About us

Thank you for joining us on our journey toward better health through more informed lifestyle choices. I am a chiropractor and a mom of 3 young boys. My passion resides in inspiring my family and others to lead a lifestyle that allows them to maximize their potential. Over 10 years ago, I met my husband at chiropractic school and together we have studied what makes people healthy. It has certainly been a process in that the changes we have made in our own lifestyle did not happen overnight. It has been a series of gradual steps that have led us to where we are today. The books we have read, speakers we have listened to, seminars we have attended and research we have gone through have provided us with so much knowledge to assist people in living healthier lives. We feel this ongoing blog will be the most dynamic, continuing way to provide you all with useful information wherever you are along your path to wellness.
I recently completed a seminar series through Dr. James Chestnut’s Chiropractic Wellness Certification program. Each course is designed to address the components of what creates true health in humans and those are encompassed in the Eat well, Move well, Think well model. We will be providing you with lifestyle tips from each of these areas to assist you in achieving the best health of your life!

Dr. Cindy Toner (and husband Dr. Jason Plotsky)