Best post-workout snacks

As a mom of 3 young boys and a chiropractor who promotes a healthy lifestyle, I lead a very full life with health always remaining a top value in our family.  I read a quote today that highlighted the fact that the ‘greatest gift you can give your family and the world is a healthy you’. So, we invest a lot of time and energy eating well and working out to keep our bodies healthy and strong.

The following are some of the snacks we like to make often so they can be added to the kids’ lunches for their busy days or to come in and eat following a rigorous workout. We typically eat a diet high in vegetables, healthy fats, adequate protein and low glycemic fruit. Keeping the blood sugar stable is key to lowering inflammation in the body and promotes optimal hormonal health.

Many of the ingredients used in the following recipes can be found on along with a great list of recipes for some healthy snack options.

  1. Guacomole- Add some fresh chopped cucumbers, carrots, peppers, or whatever veggies you love to this easy to make dip for a quick, nutritious snack.


2. Creamy Chocolate Smoothie- Make this on your way out the door in the morning and keep it cold and ready to consume following your workout.


3. Date Balls- Throw all the ingredients in the food processor and roll these into delicious date balls your whole family will enjoy.

Date Balls

4. Chocolate muffins (flourless)- These high protein and deliciously moist chocolate muffins can also be made as a cake.  No one will ever guess the main ingredient is black beans, promise!

chocolate cupcakes

5. Paleo Power bars- These are much healthier than most power bars out there and you’ll know exactly what you’re fueling your body with-all natural ingredients.

power bar