Our morning routine

This is a clip of the boys and I doing our morning routine.  Many times I have patients tell me they don’t have time to take their essential nutrients.  I recommend individuals do it at a consistent time every day especially if there is more than one person involved so the whole family can remember.  It is so much easier to stay healthy than it is to take care of a health issue when it arises.  Performing this daily routine can create enough momentum in your body to keep you and your family well throughout the year.


2 thoughts on “Our morning routine

  1. Thanks Cindy ! Awesome video and handsome boys… Whenever I’m not feeling so hot, I think about your advice and remind myself to stick to my healthy routine, especially in the a.m. I have copied this video to Joni who also follows your advice, thru me 🙂


    • Thanks Karen, great to hear! You and Joni will benefit from doing this routine and staying sufficient in the essential nutrients!

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